Thursday, 12 July 2018

Bulk Wholesale Shea Butter delivered to your door in Canada or the USA - We sell by Tons and Smaller Quanties

We simply sell bulk and wholesale Shea Butter and Black Soap in Canada by the Tons. So 2200 LBS is a Ton and this can be shipped to your location anywhere in Canada or the USA. We have amazing Fair Trade Grade A Quality Shea Butter from Ghana Africa.

We offer you both Yellow and Ivory Shea Butter. The quality is amazing with thousands of satisfied customers all across Canada and the USA. We can be your bulk Unrefined Shea supplier and also we are able to ship directly to your warehouse or business. You will have to pay for the shipping cost and we already have our shipping company in place that ships all across the world.

Use Shea Butter to make your own soaps, lotions, lip balms and hair products. Use it daily for healthy skin without the use of any chemicals or artificial ingredients. If you are looking to start a cosmetic or Shea Butter business, then we can help and give you advice as well as supply all of your needs.

It's a great business and product as more people move towards a more natural and greener life without the use of chemicals and artificial ingredients. If you find yourself in need of nourishing all natural skin care, then we have the perfect moisturizer for your entire family and you can make it right at home with or Raw Shea.

Make your own products at home very easily and save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year while having the best skin ever. We always recommend you drink lots of water and completely cut out artificial sugar and sodas including alcohol. Cutting out these unnatural products and drinking more water with clean your blood and detox your system helping you to acquire amazing skin.

If you are looking for Pure Virgin Organic Cocoa Butter or Authentic African Black Soap, then we have the finest quality in North America. Trust our products to give you the best results in your personal or commercial cosmetic manufacturing.  Go organic today and support local organic companies in your area. Grow your own foods to cut down on waste.

Visit our distribution center in Toronto by appointment only. Call 1 416 937 6350

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