Friday, 18 July 2014

Top 5 Uses For Organic Shea Butter By Mudfarm Organix

Top 5 Uses For Mudfarm Organix  Shea Butter

1. Heals and Prevents Dry Skin and Aids with Eczema
2. Soothes Blemishes and Red Itchy Skin
3. Natural Sun and Cold Protection from the Elements
4. Prevents the look of Aging and minimizes the look of Wrinkles
5. Locks in moisture and keeps Hair and Scalp looking Healthy
Shea Butter is very beneficial to the skin in many aspects and now you can become beautiful without all of the chemicals associated with synthetic cosmetics by using 100% Unrefined GRADE A Shea Butter from Ghana. Free local Toronto Delivery and Pick Up. Shea Butter is the miracle butter that comes from the Shea Nut that has been used for over 5000 years. 

Mudfarm Organix Shea Butter is very fresh and pure. Its certified Organic and the best quality with the finest ingredients. We also offer scented infused Essential Oil Shea Butter:

Coconut Lime
Mango Madness
Fruit Explosion
Baby Fresh


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Become Beautiful the Natural way with Mudfarm Organix Pure Shea Butter - Unrefined Raw from Ghana Grade A

Canada No# Shea Butter Distributor
Shea Butter is a natural beauty secret that has been used for over 5000 years to keep the people of Africa and Asia with beautiful healthy skin that hardly ages. Mudfarm Organix is the No# 1 Distributor of Shea Butter in Toronto, Canada.

Mudfarm Organix offers only the freshest most premium Shea Butter on the market. We import this natural beauty secret to help the people who want to go natural without all the chemicals in todays cosmetics.

Regular use of Shea Butter with bring your skin back to its natural radiance.
Mudfarm Organix offers you fresh Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter from Ghana. Its Grade A Premium Quality, never refined or heated.

Now you can go natural by using Shea Butter as your regular skin care moisturizer and beauty product. It will sooth and protect even the most sensitive skin.

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How can Shea Butter benefit me?
Shea Butter can provide relief from everything from just dry skin to many minor dermatological diseases (if you have a serious skin condition, you should see a doctor). It has been clinically shown to provide benefits. Here are some of the benefits of Shea Butter for the skin:

   Daily skin moisturizer (face and body)
   Dry skin relief
   Dry scalp
   Skin rash- including diaper rash
   Skin peeling, after tanning
   Blemishes and wrinkles
   Itching skin due to dryness
   Shaving cream to reduce razor irritation
   Small skin wounds
   Skin cracks
   Soften tough skin on feet (especially heels)
   Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy
   Minor burns
   Sun and wind protection
   Even skin tone
   Reduce blemishes and scarring
   Eliminating scalp irritation from dryness or chemical processing
   Preventing bumps after shaving
   Reducing acne (especially in combination with African Black Soap)
   Absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue
   Helps restore elasticity to skin
   Restores luster to hair

We offer wholesale Shea Butter and Black Soap by the Kilos and Tons. Please contact us for a custom quote on bulk orders. Mudfarm Organix is Toronto's Authentic Shea Butter and Black Soap Company.

Mudfarm Organix also offers Scented Essential Oil Shea Butter Moisturizer and Balms.

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Shea: From Nuts to Butter

Mudfarm Organix offers  you the finest Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter in Canada. Call us for a free sample. 1 800 627 2703. Visit our site to learn more about our products