Saturday, 30 June 2018

Canada Pure African Shea Butter Supplier - Unrefined Raw from Ghana Africa

Mudfarm Organix supplies Shea Butter in Canada and the USA by Tons. We can have your shipment shipped out the very same day to anywhere in North America. We offer only pure unrefined raw grade a Shea Butter from Ghana. We supply small-scale companies to large manufacturers of cosmetics. You can use our products to manufacture and make all of your natural skin care and soap products.

We have all your needs in stock and we offer freight shipment by Rail or Truck anywhere in North America. We can also ship worldwide. Our quality will remain the same pure grade a unrefined from Ghana. Use our Shea Butter today and be amazed at the results it will provide you. We can supply all of  your bulk and wholesale needs.

If you need a wholesale supplier for Shea Butter in Canada or the USA, then we have up to 40 Tons in stock at our warehouse and we can supply you any amount of Black Soap, Coconut Oil, and Cocoa Butter. We use only Fair Trade products and all natural ingredients in our products. Use Shea Butter daily for beautiful skin without the use of chemicals.

If you are in Toronto, then you may stop by our store and warehouse to pick up your Ivory or Yellow Shea Butter. The quality is amazing and very pure. We have thousands of satisfied customers and companies that are currently using our Shea Butter and Black Soap in their production.

If you simply need a Pound or a Kilo, we offer that is well. We provide you with any quantity you need and you can shop online for free shipping in North America. Shea Butter has amazing properties to nourish your skin back to its natural state. Use it to make lotions, soaps, lip balms, creams, shampoos and more. You can even massage it into your sore muscles or damaged skin. There are hundreds of uses for this all-natural product which is not all created equal. Choose on pure organic and unrefined butter which has all of its natural minerals and vitamins intact.

We also offer Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Cocoa Butter in Toronto and Canada. Trust our brand to provide you with all of your natural products at affordable prices. Quality is the first priority in our books and we love to have you try our products and see the difference it makes on the quality of your skin.

Solve your Acne problems by using Black Soap and following a healthy diet free of sugar and processed foods. Eating healthy will help to clean your blood and renew your skin. Spend some time alone each day to meditate and do some deep breathing. This will also increase blood flow to your skin. Avoid products that have artificial ingredients and fragrances as this can lead to irritation and other effects that may be harmful.

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