Monday, 12 October 2015

Fresh Shea Butter - Get The Best Quality Shea Butter in Canada from Mudfarm Organix

Shea Butter is one of the best all natural skin moisturizers today as it containes no chemcals or added preservative. Mudfarm Organix Organic Shea Butter is produced in Ghana under Fair Trade Conditions. Shea Butter can be used to sooth and heal dry and chapped skin due to eczema or other skin conditions. Its a natural product used for over 5000 years and was used by Cleo Patra herself.
This ancient beauty secret is now available in the Canada in its original state untouched or unrefined in any way. Its pure Grade A Shea Butter from Ghana Africa.

 Use Shea Butter to make cosmetics or your own personal home and body products. Its the perfect natural skin butter that is full of nutrients to heal and rejuvenate your skin back to life. Use it for natural sun and wind protection.

Shea Butter can be used for the entire family and is a great and affordable way to get you and your family on the road to going natural and organic. Its a miracle butter with natural vitamins and minerals that will naturally moisturize and heal even dry rough chapped skin.

Try Mudfarm Organix Shea Butter today and see the difference of premium quality Shea Butter. Don't be fooled by unrefined and Grade B and Grade C Shea Butter. These have all been saturated and cut with dilutants to gain more profits for retailers. At Mudfarm Organix we stand behind our name and quality is guaranteed or your money back no questioned asked.

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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Get Organic Shea Butter in Toronto From Mudfarm Organix

Get the best Organic quality unrefined Grade A Shea Butter from Ghana right here in Toronto Canada from Mudfarm Organix. We offer some of the purest and freshest Shea Butter on the market. Use our Shea Butter to make your own products and we supply bulk and wholesale Shea Butter. We also do private label manufacturing as well.

Its Grade A and Unrefined - Natural and Raw
Worldwide Shipping Available

Choose Ivory or Yellow Shea Butter from Mudfarm Organix today. We ship anywhere in Canada for free with orders over $50 dollars. Are you ready to go natural and protect your skin with organic products. Going organic is easy with the best skin care from Mudfarm Organix.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Find the Purest 100% Natural Shea Butter in Toronto Canada from Mudfarm Organix

If you are looking for Premium Organic Grade A Shea Butter, then your search is over. We source only the finest Community Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter from Ghana. Mudfarm Organix Shea Butter is always unrefined and fresh. We supply Toronto and throughout Canada to various companies and organic shea butter lovers.

Go Organic today and have the most beautiful skin you have every imagined and the best part is you are doing this 100% naturally without any artificial products and chemicals that are added in most lotions and creams. Use this product to help with Eczema relief and dry skin. Use it to massage your sore muscles and to moisturise you complete skin and body after a shower or bath.

We ship the following business day to anywhere in Canada. If you are in Toronto or GTA location you can pick up your order from our Distribution Centre and Store Location at: 80 Nashdene Road # 70, Toronto Ontario.

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Where to Buy the best Organic Quality Shea Butter in Toronto

Shea Butter is an amazing all natural moisturiser that works on all skin types to rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level. Its a 5000 year old beauty secret from Africa now available in Canada in its original form unaltered state from Ghana, Africa.

If you are looking for real genuine Shea Butter either Yellow or Ivory, we have all your needs met. We also offer essential oils as well. So if you are looking for Organic Essential Oils in Toronto, Canada we have some of the most popular varieties.

Our Shea Butter is sold at $20 per kilo and we also can give you a discount if you buy 10 or more kilos.
Our Shea Butter will help to heal your dry and itchy skin. It will help to relief your Eczema naturally and can even eliminate the Eczema in some cases according to some of our clients. Use Shea Butter for all your skin care and hair needs. Use it as a natural sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Your Best Source For Organic Unrefined Shea Butter and Black Soap in Canada

Canada loves Mudfarm Organix Shea Butter and now you can too with our always fresh and organic guarantee.
Organic is the way to go with the new generations of Canadians embracing this change through the sourcing of organic foods and wellness products. Mudfarm Organic is committed to providing you with community sourced Shea Butter and Black Soap right from Ghana to our facility here in Toronto. We take pride in providing you with this natural botanical beauty secret from Ghana.
Our Shea Butter is always 100% pure and freshly imported Class A Shea Butter from Ghana Africa.  Try Shea Butter for your skin today to deliver long lasting results and to pamper the skin with nature’s perfect moisturizer.
Shea Butter is used for a host of health and cosmetic concerns including: Blemishes, Wrinkles, Eczema, Dermatitis, Insect bites, Rheumatism, Frostbite, Sunburn, Stretch mark prevention, Muscle fatigue and Poison ivy/Poison oak.
Many report an acceleration in wound healing using 100% Shea Butter as it is an anti-inflammatory
It easily penetrates the skin allowing the skin to breathe and does not clog pores.
Shea butter is high in Vitamin A, E and F. It is also a natural sunscreen.
Shea butter is a stable fat in room temperature, but once put on skin, just melts in.
It is often used as a main ingredient in a host of cosmetics including creams, lotions, moisturizers, lip balms, soaps, shampoos and cleansers.

Our products are vegan, non GMO, chemical, preservative and paraben free. We use no animal ingredients and try to focus on mainly organic and locally produced products in our manufacturing. Hand made in Canada to support and build the local economy, while support the people of Ghana Africa.
Mudfarm Organix African Black soap is 100% natural, chemical, paraben and preservative free.  Imported from Ghana Africa from and made in Ghana using the finest ingredients. Hand crafted and pressed in Canada using traditional methods.
It has a long history of helping to treat eczema, freckles, dark spots, and fine lines. It is beneficial for all skin types including dry, oily, normal, combination and sensitive, making it a good option for babies or the elderly. It is also well known as one of the best acne products on the market.

Use Black Soap on all skin types without no side effects. Start off by using Black Soap once per day. At first usage Black Soap may produce a tingling feeling due to the deep pore cleansing properties of the soap balancing your skin’s PH level back to normal..Black soap’s deep cleansing properties are great for clearing up oily skin, helping to clear up teenage and adult acne, by drawing out impurities and putting back nutrients, thus stopping acne from forming.
It has a firm texture and a natural, earthy, nutty smell. It is not oily, and can be used for hands, face, body and hair.
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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Shea Butter and Black Soap For Sale - Bulk and Wholesale in Canada

Get your hands on the best Organic and 100% Natural " Shea Butter and Black Soap " this year  as this amazing natural discovery is gaining popularity in Canada. Shea Butter and Black Soap are produced mainly in Africa and throughout Asia. Shea Butter has been dated back to usage of over 5000 years and was once used by Cleo Patra of Egypt. Its a great moisturizer with multiple uses and can be considered a must have for every household. Use it for your entire body, face and hair. Shea Butter has become a staple ingredient in many cosmetics. Its the perfect natural moisturizer from Ghana Africa with Grade A Rating. Mudfarm Organix,  located in Toronto, Ontario retails some of the finest Shea Butter in Canada and throughout North America.

Black Soap can be made anywhere as long as you have the right ingredients, but making it and importing it from Ghana, which is the mother core of this product brings with it much delight and happiness as you are now able to enjoy these natural products in its most natural form. Mudfarm Organix offers some of the finest Organic Shea Butter and Organic Authentic African Black Soap in Canada and throughout North America.

Not all Shea Butter and Black Soaps are created equally, but with Mudfarm Organix, you will be receiving the highest Premium Grade A Unrefined Shea Butter. We have Ivory and Yellow Shea Butter, some say the yellow is more potent and personally i would agree but many may have other opinions and that's for another blog posts.

Purchase Bulk or Wholesale from us today and you will be buying nothing but the best in Grade A Quality Shea Butter and Black Soap. Contact us today for bulk inquiries not listed on the site. If you are looking for natural products to put into your health food or beauty store, then contact us today. We can supple all of your Natural Shea Butter and Black Soap Needs.

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