Saturday, 4 March 2017

Use Shea Butter and Black Soap for healing Acne, Blemishes and other skin conditions naturally

Use all natural Shea Butter daily for 30 days and you will notice a big improvement in the texture and tone of your skin. Even better if you are cleansing your face and skin with African Black Soap followed by moisturizing with Shea Butter. The butter contains essential fatty acids for the skin and is rich in Vitamin A. The Black Soap contains iron and vitamins that will radiate your natural complexion without the use of any chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Not all Black Soap is made the same. Mudfarm Organix African Black Soap is Authentic and contains only 4 ingredients: Plantain Skins, Cocoa Pods, Virgin Palm Oil and Shea Butter. Its made and African and hand pressed in Canada. The bulk black soaps are sold in the original packaging from Africa.

Mudfarm Organix Botanicals also offers you the best in Shea Butter from Ivory to Yellow, Grade A and Organic. Our products are of premium quality you can trust for your natural source online for Shea Butter, Black Soap, Cocoa Butter and Essential Oils. When you go natural and organic its better for your skin and overall health. The more you avoid white sugar and refined products, the healthier a reflection of your body and skin can become. Try to drink lots of distilled water or pure spring water daily and do lots of deep breathing as this will help your blood to flow and bring much needed nutrients to your skin.


Take time daily to cleanse and treat your skin and hair properly by using natural Shea Butter and Black Soap. Its very easy to make your own products by adding Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil and your favorite natural essential oil scent to make your own lotions and creams. You will save money and be rewarded with the effort of making your own natural products that your entire family can share.

Here is a picture of me and i have been using the Shea Butter and Black Soap and my skin looks and feels great. I have been using Shea Butter and Black Soap now for 9 years straight and i swear my skin has barely aged and i am now 40 in 2017. I love this product and this is why my family and i started Mudfarm Organix in 2013, so we can share this natural beauty product with the world. Use Black Soap daily to get rid of acne naturally. The cocoa pod ashes will dry out the acne and heal the marks over time naturally as you follow up and use  Shea Butter. I also have a healthy lifestyle which helps my skin as well, as i don't consume pop or white sugar and rarely eat sweets. Do your homework and take care of your health and your health will take care of you. Use all natural products to heal and protect your skin and body today.

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