Monday, 8 December 2014

Where to buy pure organic Shea Butter and Black Soap in Toronto with Mudfarm Organix

Mudfarm Organix Provides Toronto Shea Butter and Black Soap Through Fair Trade

Wholesale Black Soap and Organic Cosmetics
Organic Wholesale Shea Butter and Black Soap

Providing some of the best shea butter for sale in Toronto as well as African black soap, Mudfarm Organix is a member of the Organic Community Fair Trade.

Toronto, Ontario - While it is important to provide quality natural shea butter and African black soap, Mudfarm Organix also believes that observing free trade standards is important.  Therefore, this company not only offers some of the best shea butter for sale but also offers its products through the Organic Community Fair Trade in Toronto.

With some of the highest-quality Toronto shea butter and African black soap available, Mudfarm Organix products are authentically unrefined and are made by craft people in Ghana, Africa.  Authentically handmade, each of these products meets the highest standards and provides the very best skin care and cleansing possible.  Offering both wholesale and retail sales, this company provides natural shea butter products and black soap, both shown to improve skin health and quality and fight aging.  Located at Mudfarm, this company is Canada's premier choice for 100 percent natural shea butter for skin and black soap for acne.

High-quality products offer great skin care.  Black soap benefits for treating skin conditions are well-known, and shea butter is also useful for moisturizing and keeping skin looking young.  With the very best deals, both wholesale and retail, on shea butter and back soap, Mudfarm Organix customers can save money by shopping online and still find the best products.  Best of all, this company uses fair trade practices to ensure that the artisans and crafts people who fashion these quality products receive a fair price for their work.

For more information or to see samples of great shea butter and black soap products, visit and  The company also offers information about its products and trade practices on Facebook, on Twitter, and on its blog

About Mud Farm Organix: 

Mudfarm Organix is a leading organic products company in Toronto that engages in free trade practices with the artisans who create its quality merchandise.  With pure, unrefined organic soaps and other products, Mudfarm Organix offers customers a way to utilize the best benefits of organic soap and skin care products while, at the same time, resting assured that they are not only purchasing unrefined and organic substances but also contributing to fair trade with other countries.

Contact Name: Mohamed Fazal
Company: Mudfarm Organix
Phone: 1 800 627 2703

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